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O clapped his hand, finished dancing with Maggy. "So many great musicians this year, I love to hear great music." Speaking to Maggy.

"Yeah but can they fight? Would hate for dead musicians to appear all over the world with our symbol on them." Maggy said sarcastically.

"You're just grumpy because you know you dance like a lady." O teased, though it backfired because she punched him pretty hard in the arm. "Ow, dear god you still punch like a truck." He hunched over laughing, so did Maggy. The harp player walked up to them.

"Excuse me Mr. O. Request permission to play solo." O stood straight, rubbing his arm.

"Well no need to be so formal, I'm still a student just like you, just call me O." He shook the boy's hand, "What is your name lad?"

Maggy knew the answer, recognizing him from earlier, "That would be Ryan, Ryan Stark." Maggy yawned, "So far he is the only one to show grit at this school by doing a mission and he plays the harp."

"Don't listen to her, she is just grumpy because she can dance, speaking of which sure you can, I'd love another dance. All the rock music was fine and all but I just can't enjoy it as much." He shook Ryan's hand again.

Maggy protested, "I'm not dancing again, I hate it and it is so girly." O shrugged.

"If you don't want to you don't have to, I can't force ya." This was time for Sara to come up, "Well hey Sara how are you and your sister? Did you guys finish that mission in Africa?"

Sara became more serious, slightly nervous, "Yea we did, there were three husks in that town, not just one. It was so odd."

O was surprised, so was Maggy, "Three!? Just one is rare enough, how can there be three? Possibly triplets?" Sara shook her head at Maggy.

"No we checked with the local people, they said that the three people were tourists and likely didn't even know each other." O shook his head grimly.

"Well this is a party, not a place to talk about such things. We can send an investigation in tomorrow. Hey Sara are you a good dancer?" Sara glowed, nodding her head, "Well then, how about we dance this next song?" Over in the back, Dux seemed relieved to not have to look foolish again, Maggy made a face at O who made it right back.

Clare and Kale
Both of them heard about Ryan getting another song so they stuck around again to hear it. They assumed it was a slow dance so Ryan held out his hand. Clare curtsied, they had done this before and Kale's mom was strict on manners and ettiquet. "So after this party what mission should we do?" Clare asked.

Kale had looked over some of the missions, "Why don't we stop the planned heist in Boston?"

"That sounds awesome, can you drive?" Clare asked.

"Yeah, got plenty of experience." Clare nodded then, accepting the mission.
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