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They call it Catsupdancer and it does a little shake~ She's thinkin' up a rhyme, but she doesn't know how long it'll take ; Messed up the meter thar...

Ohai! *sweeping bow* Th'names Catsup~ Otherwise known as Tategami, Kitsune Hayashi, Maki Mori, and cthuluSushi. I have trouble sticking to one name ;

My interests are pokemon games, pokemon hacks, yaoi, and drawing I'm actually working on a hack-game-with-yaoi-that-I-have-to-draw-for. It's kinda the best

I'm actually not very good at hacking. Scripting confuses me a bit, and my sprites look like poo ; But I'm improving Maybe once I look around a bit, I'll know what I'm doing

I've actually been lurking around the forum for awhile now~ lookin' at stuff, creepin' on some people, wearing an awesome moose-tache *suggestive raise of eyebrows* I thought it'd be high time I introduced myself and got to know people~ I tend to ramble when I reach a subject I like. Ask me about yaoi. My OTP right now... well, I have a lot ; Fai and Kurogane, Link and Ghirahim.... I think they top the list right now. I like shojo-ai too, but not so much the actual /yuri/. I read original stories in that vein

Soooo... umn... yeah! I dunno what else to talk about ; I hope I didn't freak people out and make them not wanna talk to me ; You're probably all thinking "Omigaaawd. She is so /weeeeird!/ Let's all leave her to lurk in a corner!" and that's cool. I have a totally tricked out corner full of soda and sugar and magical llamas. Yeah! Now who's missin' out >:D

Sooo... yeah! Bye-bee *Lucky Channel's Akira-style wave*

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