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Originally Posted by Ciesla View Post
Are my calculations correct for this? I am a first time EV trainer. And also, should I level my Scyther to a Scizor before ev training or does it not matter? Thanks in advance!
I'll answer the bolded segment. Whether to evolve first will strictly have to do with which moves you want available on levelup. MOST moves are identical pre- and post-evolution. However, there are a few differences:

Level 21: Scyther learns Wing Attack whereas Scizor learns Metal Claw.
Level 37: Double Team is Scyther's move, while Scizor prefers Iron Defense.
Level 53: Air Slash is what Scyther learns, but Scizor goes all out with Iron Head.

The rest aside from Start moves are identical, and any EV training done on Scyther before evolution carries over into Scizor. Also, any moves learned by Scyther that only it can learn on levelup will be known by your Scizor as well, but cannot be relearned by the move lady in Mistralton on a Scizor if forgotten (i.e. your Scizor can know both Wing Attack and Air Slash before evolution, but even at Lv.100 cannot relearn either move). If you evolve at the levels noted above, it's possible to learn BOTH moves at that level, and you can evolve after learning all Scyther moves and "relearn" "forgotten" Scizor moves so you still have access to the entire move pool. Note you must trade with the correct item (a Metal Coat) to evolve.

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