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Sorry, I miss this question (actually I misunderstand):
Quote originally posted by jeisin0096:
Finally got to rank 9 and got my stones! :D Another question though. Vaporeon knows surf. I know it isn't considered an HM anymore but it still says it can be used out of battle. I can't seem to figure out how though. And thanks for replying before by the way!
Yes, the description is wrong. Anyway, to "surf" you need the Lanch item that can be bought at Rarity Shop.

Quote originally posted by mrsnuggles:
not that it matters to much but struggle doesn't do the 1/4 recoil damage that it is suppose to do
Thank you for the bug report!

Quote originally posted by Lugh Samildanach:
Hey guys, wondering how you get into the room in the tunnel with rocks in front?
This is only a background detail. To show to player that the tunnel has an entrace.
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