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Thanks for the amazing response CycloneGU!

One more question: If I start the battle with my Scyther (with macho brace/pokerus), and then swap and defeat the target with my other pokemon, will Scyther still get the full EV's with the bonus of macho/pokerus included?
No. The Pokémon has to knock out the opponent to get the EVs. However, using the Lucky Egg and starting with it will gain extra experience than it normally would (unless an outsider - i.e. traded to you - in which case the Lucky Egg is useless). (Corrected below, but ignoring the Lucky Egg bit, hand it an Exp. Share and it can gain Exp. that way without gaining EVs you may not want it to have.)

This lets you get the level up to, say, Lv.55 before going and hunting down Stunfisks on Route 8 or the Moor of Icirrus. You have them way overleveled and can just wipe them out one by one, and keep track of how many you're beaten by looking at the number of times your knockout move is used. If it misses once, use other moves to defeat it so your tally remains correct. How do you get to 55 without fighting? Give it a Lucky Egg and start it against Audinos on Route 11; it will get to 40 very quickly (ten battles or so, give or take) by switching it immediately for an ally who knocks it out, then it gets slower but can still be done.

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