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Lauren's Log

I woke up the next day feeling very dizzy. Everything around me felt cold, and my head ached a lot. I asked the nurse for help, and to make a long story short I had a little fever, which meant being stuck in bed for the next days. Terrific. That red-haired jerk is getting way ahead of me while I'm stuck in bed.

It seemed like forever before I could actually go back out there. I went outside of town, to a palce where some odd ruins were. I decided to explore them and, holding my baby Togepi in my arms, went inside a chamber. I examined the back of it, and an odd message saying "ESCAPE" was there. That was weird, and I first thought it was some kind of warning. Then, I thought about an odd rope that I found back at Sprout Tower. I set Togepi on the floor, and reached into my bag to get the rope. But as soon as I grabbed it, everything shook. I dropped the rope and grabbed Togepi, then closed my eyes hoping for the worst. But everything became calm again, so I opened my eyes and was pretty surprised to see a hole where the odd message was. My Togepi squirmed, eager to explore, so I walked inside. There were four items there, and I grabbed them and put them in my bag. Ahead was a hole, and I thought it was time to head back. But the curious little Pokémon in my arms squirmed more and jumped off my arms, falling into the hole below, making me go in there to prevent something awful from happening to her.

Luckily he wasn't hurt. But as I took a closer look at the floor, another odd message was there, in the same type of writing as the one that said "ESCAPE". I walked, trying to read it. The message said: "OUR CLAN ENGRAVED WORDS IN THIS PLACE" or something like that. I was slightly freaked out, but before I could do anything else, my baby Togepi ran away, and jumped into another hole, forcing me to chase after her once again.

I landed on my butt in a creepy place full of statues. Luckily, there were people there, and in spite of the bizarre looks, it seemed safe. I grabbed Togepi and left the place. After that, I went back inside the chamber, as there was a puzzle to solve. I left my Togepi on the floor once more, and told her not to move. She nodded and I proceeded to work on the puzzle. It was easy, to say the least. But after it was solved, the floor below me opened, and I fell into that bizarre place full of statues again. A scientist gave me some report on something then ran off. And as I got back on my feet, I found myself being chased by Pokémon that looked like the writing I had previously seen. What was going on? Was it a nightmare, a hallucination? Did my fever go up? I ran the hell out of there with my baby Togepi in my arms. Unlike me, she seemed to be having a blast.

I ran and ran uintil I reached the Pokémon Center in Violet City. I told the nurse to heal my Pokémon, and once she was done, I went to my room and took a nap, cuddling Togepi. What a bizarre experience.

When I woke up, it was dark outside, and I realised I had overslept. I hastily got out of bed and left the Pokémon Center, holding Togepi in my arms. I checked my Pokégear; to reach the next town I had to go south. Excellent, time to get going. But, once again, my curious little Togepi was staring at Sprout Tower. She jumped off my arms again, and ran straight there. I chased after her, and by the time I grabbed her, I was already inside, and on the second floor. Oh, sweet Arceus, she was quite a handful.

I told her not to do that again, and she nodded looking at me with puppy eyes. I smirked, and I was about to leave...if it wasn't for an odd presence. A bunch of gassy Pokémon appeared out of nowhere, ready to harass me. My Pokédex identified them as Gastly. I started shaking like a leaf, as I had heard of them before. Ghost/Poison-Type Pokémon, very mischievous. I closed my eyes and held Togepi tighter, being unable to move. Dear Lord, I hate Sprout Tower so much...

But the, Togepi broke free once more, and I opened my eyes, worried about my poor baby. But I was astonished to see that she was glowing purple, and knocking out the Gastlys one by one. And that the gastlys could not harm her. Then I remembered, Ghost moves had no effect on Normal-type Pokémon. I smirked as Togepi finished them all and then leapt into my arms, and I embraced her. Time to leave the tower, to never return.

I headed into Route 32. After some Pokémon Battles, which I won with ease, I went into the Pokémon Center to rest. My Pokémon were tired and, quite frankly, so was I, even though I had been sleeping a lot. I got a Rod from a fisherman, then went to my room. A cave called Union Cave awaited, and I could cross it the following day, once I was full of energy. According to the Pokégear, Azalea Town was on the other side.

Anyway, my team so far consists of:

Togepi - Lv 14
Quirky Nature, highly curious.
Ability: Hustle
Moves: Extransensory, Metronome, Charm, Sweet Kiss

Butterfree - Lv 13
Naughty Nature, highly persistent
Ability: Compoundeyes
Moves: Confusion, Tackle, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore

Quilava - Lv 15
Hardy Nature, quick to flee
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Ember, Quick Attack, Leer, Smokescreen

Haven't got to use the other two, Pidgey and Sentret. Hopefully they'll be useful later on.
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