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Originally Posted by CrystalStatic
I don't have any guesses besides this: Maybe it is because you got rid of all of the original game's events. When I used to delete the events, some really weird glitches would occur in my game (like game-killing glitches). Instead of deleting the events, just move all of the events to the corner of the map and mark the "person events" as "hidden". Everyone that I know does that and I do that as well. (Since I started doing this, I have had none of the glitches that I used to have)
I suppose it's possible that it has something to do with deleting events, but that still doesn't explain why it only seems to happen on certain maps :\

I haven't had any game-killing glitches as a result of this problem, though, (and I can't bring the events I deleted back) so I'm just going to continue working around this problem.