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....I watched all 14 episodes of that, and enjoyed it, but DANG did they break the limits they set for their own world. Here're a few issues I had with that series:

If you haven't watched it, PLEASE dont open this spoiler. It's called a spoiler for a reason.

1.)They claimed that SAO was completely balanced and that nothing unfair would ensue, and then they turned around and gave random players unexplicable advantages, such as Kirito's Dual Blades. Also, if the leader of the Guild was the creator of the game, why would he have cheated during his duel with Kirito? If he wanted everything to be perfectly balanced and fair, then he should have very simply lost the dual.

2.)If the game's creator planned on shutting down that one program that dealt with player sanity, why even create it in the first place? If he had planned that LONG before the game had even reached the Beta stage, then why even create it? And, even if he did have his reasons for creating it/her and locking her from doing anything, then she would have been inable to break out. One thing that needs to be taken into account is that the world they're in is simply a compilation of code. It's not a barrier, it's a set law of the world, and so force of will wouldn't have done anything.

3.)This next one still has to do with force of will. If Kirito died, the game would have instantly told his headset to fry him. Just because he personally doesn't want to, it doesn't mean that the game's programming would bend to his will and allow him to halt the death for a period of time.

4.)When Asuna died, her sword stayed behind. This did not occur on anyone else who died in the series. When they were deleted, so were all of their weapons. It was an occurance that made absolutely no sense.

5.)In the beginning, Kirito expressed that he was a solo player and didn't want to join a guild with anyone, yet later on, he goes ahead and does so for no explainable reason, even after leaving behind both Asuna, and that one guy from the first episode whose name escapes me.

Whoever is writing this series really needs to get everything straight.....When it ended so abruptly in episode 14, I actually thought they were getting horrible ratings and simply had to drop it.

As of now, I'm unsure as to whether or not I'll watch into the next season.....

edit: Replaced 13 with 14. My mind wasnt working.
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