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You might be approaching this the wrong way, as in the end it's less what Pokemon appear in your fic (within reason of course e.g. a zangoose and seviper aren't likely going to be best buddies for instance), and how you use them and what they do themselves. Don't worry too much about stats Pokemon may have and consider how useful they will be. Castform I would be imagine would be very useful; manipulating weather sounds like it after all. What if the team's suddenly in a desert with a sandstorm? Problem solved by Castform, and everyone benefits.

And not all Pokemon need to contribute to battles by being physically strong to be useful, but I suppose if anything that's a neat thing you could actually explore in your fic. How does Castform feel in being the odd one out? What about the other Pokemon? I'd say that sideplot would be interesting to play around with and also to read about. There's always that side of the matter after all; the team doesn't have to work perfectly together, and if anything it would be more boring if it did.
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