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Hack Name:

'Pokémon FireRed: Challenge Mode'
(This is the actual titlescreen, I wanted it to look more like the style of the Japanese logo.)

Hack of:

I'm SSJ4 Furanki and this is a minor hack of FireRed to make the game tougher, un-censor things, some small but possibly noticeable changes, this is also being done to help me practice hacking more for whenever I release DarkCopper into the Hack Showcase again, but, I'm gonna wait until I at least have a beta to do that.

The same story you played in FireRed and LeafGreen, with minor changes and stronger teams, its meant to be a new experience with a familiar story. This challenge mode version was inspired by playing through Black 2 and White 2's challenge mode (on the Japanese version).


- Everything I can possibly de-ALL CAPITALIZE, I will (And for the most part I already have. I'm about 90% done with all the text in the game.)
- Maybe Day and Night (Not sure if I wanna implement it, though it's totally possible)
- Attacks have been brought to B/W standard (power/accuracy/physical/special/status split wise)
- Stronger trainers, new wild Pokémon (in other words a 386 hack too.)
- GB Player, I take no credit for this. In actually, I had a clean ROM that I patched RichterSnipes GB Player/Extras patch from mid-August. So, basically it everything I added got changed after that. I wanted to use this patch he did as the first base, 'cause I wanted to make this FireRed patch also feel more of a remake like HG/SS that what the original FR/LG did.
- De-censorship (no more 'coffee' excuse in Viridian city, the Pokémon tower dialouge was reverted to its Red/Blue incarnation, Gambler not Gamer, etc.)
- Some Trainer Classes re-named or updated/reverted (based on each case basis, example Cooltrainer -> Ace Trainer, Gamer -> Gambler, etc.)
- Since the Japanese version used Yen/En (円), I made the money symbol in this the American dollar ($) rather than the Poké Dollar symbol.
- Not sure where it would be located, but, if I could get rid of the 'HELP' menu, I will. It personally annoys the hell out of me and I'm sure anybody playing this hack is familiar with Pokémon.
- All Trainers will receive DS-style sprites for in-battle, as will the Pokémon. It will not show up in Beta 1 (except for Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Red/Green/Blue, they've already got sprites re-programmed in.)
- Running Shoes in buildings, Pokédex text spacing glitch fix, trainer facing glitch fix, etc. are all implemented.
- Deoxys, Lugia and Ho-Oh will be easily reachable, once you give Celio the Ruby and Sapphire, I will have him give you the Aurora and Mystic Tickets. Faraway Island has been put in, but, I haven't programmed Mew's battle in yet. I will be making use of the unused maps for any potential new areas.
- Regular trainers have an AI setting of anywhere between 150-200 and the Gym Leaders/Elite Four/Champion have one of 255, so basically I'm making FireRed actually hard this time.
- In every area I put Pokémon that seem to fit the area, but the 1% you have of running into a rare Pokémon is a Pokémon that you wouldn't expect. Such as Route 1 having a Level 5 Pikachu or Viridian Forest with a Lv. 8 Heracross.
- All Pokémon will have a second ability possibility. So, watch out for Bruno's Blaizken, with potential Speed Boost taking effect (haven't edited Blaziken's Ability yet, actualy only got through the first 151 at this point, haha.)


Brock and his new team.

Trainer Cards

Currency symbol change and some anti-censorship and if you could tell I did minor palette editing to the overworlds to give Red his classic black hair, plus it matches his DS sprite.

Showing some new Pokémon for areas, plus type graphic decapitalization.

More anti-censorship, this of the drunken old man, whoo, haha.

Showcasing Graphic de-capitalization for status problems.

Showing the DS-style trainers pre-battle.

Currently all bugs match the base patch from RichterSnipes, so DO NOT register the GB Player.

RichterSnipes: For the GB Player patch, like unlimited move tutors too, etc.
Jambo51: Correct trainer facing, other ASM implementations from Richter's patch, Lv. 1 Eggs.
JPAN: Deleteable HMs.
Nintendo and Game Freak: For releasing and making the game that is being edited.
Chaos Rush: Red and Green's backsprites.
All the tool makers that made the tools that can make this possible.
(List will continue to be added as more things get implemented.)
Hacks I'm currently working on (at a super slow pace):

Chinpokomon Big/Small (would leave the titles, but apparently exceeded sig limit)

Check my Japanese inspired Logo edits for Gens 1-7!:
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