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Alright, this is my first rolleplay signup, tell me if I mess up!

Name: Orange Henry
Age: 12
Gander: Male
Dorm: Raikou Dorm
Appearance: Wears lots of red has brown hair, freckles, has a hat he is very attached to, has a big and black backpack
Personality: Orange wants to be a pokemon researcher. But as Prof. Elm said: "He lacks focus in actually studing the pokemon!" So, Orange is a little discouraged when it comes to school, but he pulls through. If he is having a good day, he is upbeat and encouraging, but is the opposite on bad days. By the way, don't ask about his hat. He gets really emotional about it. If he catches a pokemon that doesn't like him too much, he trains it so it becomes more friendly toward him. He is a bit of a cry baby, but can get really angry if provoked. He battles stragtegically with as much might as he can muster but he also battles for fun.

History:Met his Bonsly at age 4. He grew up with it in New Bark Town, Johto. Loves allthe pokemon he meets, as long as they don't attack him. He gets attached toobjects when they are something dear to him like his hat for example. But don'task about that. Other than that, he traveled the Johto region until his mothertold him he was accepted to the Pokemon Trainer Academy. He races home with the first two badges he earned in theJohto League. He begins to study with Prof. Elm to prepare for the academy, andthe Prof. gives him an egg he is supposed to hatch as the final part of histraining. He still has it as he attends the Academy. He really wants to knowwhat is inside, but we will have to wait and see about that. He has a historywith computers and has attempted to make a pokedex, but utterly failed. Prof.Elm sent him off with lots of knowledge, but Orange has a craving for more. Heis hoping to take a breeding class so he can hatch his mysterious pokemon egg.He also sketches pokemon, but that's just a hobby. After sketching, he puts thepictures into his makeshift pokedex failure. During the last week he is inJohto, a party is thrown for him by his mother. At this party Orange cried lots and lots. He decided when he returned, he would win the Johto league with his Bonsly. His mother gives him around 10 pokeballs and a few treats for the boat ride. His mom tells him to be safe and have good luck at the academy, but we don’t know if that will happen or not. Overall, he loves pokemon and attends the academy,hoping to make new friends.
Loves Orange lots, but is a bit hard to get along with when you don't know him.
Level 12
Fake Tears
Low Kick
Rock Throw
(none, for when he learns Mimic and evolves into Sudowoodo)