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Quote originally posted by VERGUNDAI:
Yes, I'm working on Multiple Hacks testing maps...

- some maps fail at texture so when you add new polygons it always ends up in different textures(while in the game.)

Problem is that 3DS Max 6 has nitro plugins working with 3d material editor but the obj2max import plugin is really messy or loads wrong textures.
Yes, I'm having this problem too, I'm also having difficulty exporting the files with the plugin as well. It comes up with an error saying "An error has occurred and the application will now close. Do you want to save a copy of the current scene?", after saving or not saving... it then comes up with the Discreet Error Report.
Quote originally posted by VERGUNDAI:
*If anyone knows how to install nitro-sdk on Max 8 please tell me!
--> when i install the nitro plugin into Max 8 it loads plugin errors, but some people were able to install it onto Max 8.

* Why Max 8 or 2010, you can load textures without fail and edit it.

Also I might soon post my RomHack of Platinum/ or Heartgold.
When I tried loading it on Max 8, it showed the NINTENDO NITRO-System option. But when trying to export the file, it wouldn't work.
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