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Originally Posted by Mateshard005 View Post
I have all the Pokemon (1 - 649) in a .gif format and would like to implement that into my game. The Ultimate B/W pack is not responding after 2 minutes playing the game so what I am looking for is to change something in the script that changes the file extention and make rpg maker xp support .gif.
As long as you got the most recent Pokemon Essentials downloaded I don't see any reason why it should not work. All I did with my is replace the pngs with the gifs and I had nothing else to do. It worked perfectly.

Also make sure you have all the necessary things in you first folder (the one with your .rxproj file). I think that gif.dll is what you need for gifs to work. Also there should be RGSS102E.dll and rubyscreen.dll there as well but I am not sure if they have any effect with gifs.
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