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This will be edited later, feel free to review this.

Bob was cringing as he rattled. Parts of the cast came off, Bob is experiencing pain as he tried coming off, then as he did, he then fell down, bleeding. People then came to Bob. Some felt bad for how beaten up Bob is. People then cried saying that they regret hurting Bob. Derek then explained why Bob did this.

"Guys! Bob didn't mean to make our friend get his legs cut off, he was enduring pain in that cast and he wore it so he can get protected, but he's under a lot of stress. He is sorry for what he did and if you are sorry....... go try to comfort Bob." Derek explained.

"Damn, Bob, I'm sorry for stomping your back, I'll make sure to call the nurse about it. Really, I'm sorry man. In case you get better, you want to hang out in the basketball court?" A jock said, and Bob then shaked his hand.

"Tha........... thanks............." Bob rasped. He gave him a bloody hand, then the jock then wiped Bob's blood away.

As you can see it, Bob has tethered clothes, he's smelly, bruises, black eyes, and broken limbs. Bob's weak and he can't talk well.

A girl came. "Bob, I'm also sorry for punching you through your hole at your stomach. I brought the kid you dislocated."

This kid is using cruthes, a neck brace, and a leg cast. Then he came to Bob to apologize to him.

"Bob, really, I didn't know you were on a lot of stress. I didn't mean to throw that milk carton at you. I thought you were just playing around." The dude then brung the guy that Bob destroyed, his HOUSE.

He is very mad at Bob, for his legs getting amputated, and living in the streets. When we went to Bob, he then choked him. It's like Homer choking Bart. He then pushed Bob to the ground!

Derek and the others came! Bob IS WORSE NOW! Drool came out, rocks scraped him, and he is unconscious.

"Dude, Bob was going to say sorry to you! Why would you try to attack him!?" Derek yelled!

"Why would I ATTACK HIM!? Look what he did to my legs, they're gone, I only have a little bump that's a little part of my legs. I like to run and exercise, now I can't do it! I can't even walk upstairs and I get to Honors Math late! And he made me homeless, my house took a month to rebuild before, now since the destruction happened, it can take MONTHS TO rebuild it! MONTHS!" The kid whined.

"Bob was angry at the time, he was paranoid due to the cast. And it gave him stress because he suffered headaches and backaches. He was protecting himself."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean he would ruin my chance of being an athlete when I grow up! It was my dream! I don't want to race using a wheelchair!"

People then felt bad for both of them, but if Bob took off the cast 4 weeks ago, this wouldn't happen. His injures took a week to heal. And he just wore it for protection.


When Bob went to school, people stared at him. They saw him at the park, getting punctured by a blade, getting his head squeezed and more. Some disliked the way Bob tried slicing the kid's legs off. The principal was on the speaker.

"Hello dear 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. We need to do a fundraiser for Tyler Anderson's house recovery and his legs, when a certain "monster" destroyed his house, and a big piece of the house sliced Tyler's legs off. We have to make Tyler have new legs and a house."

People then had menacing grins at Bob, he then became nervous and went to Gym. Derek then walked to Bob and became worried.

"Bob, people are not feeling bad for you anymore. Remember when you cut Tyler's legs off? And ruined his house? It's a big impact in his life. And he lost his dream he wanted to have, because of YOU."

"Derek I'm sorry. I was just angry."

"I know you were but people are feeling bad for Tyler now. It's worse than how you survived 100 beatings inside the cast."

Mrs. Mortensen then blowed the whistle. She then held a dodgeball.

"Ok class. Today is dodgeball. We went over the rules of dodgeball for 2 days and it's time to play it. We will have 5 boys and 5 girls playing. Please choose your team."

Bob then chose Bill, Derek, Mike, and Jackson. Adrianna chose Miranda, Jessie, Carly, and Kaytlin. Dodgeball started. Bob then threw a ball, missed. Then all 5 of the girls threw balls at Bob, Bob ran, screaming. Derek then threw a ball at Adrianna, she then reflected it with another ball and it went to Derek, HARD. He passed out, hitting the floor hard. Bob then got hit by it, 20 BALLS! He bled, hurting his nose, a nosebleed happened.

20 minutes later, the boys LOST. People booed at Bob. They hate him because how he lost and how he made Tyler's dream, house, and legs ruined. Bob's parents realized that Bob did this because they saw the poster that says "Rock Monster" and what happened, then they grounded him for 4 months. No playing games, no using the computer, anything, until he fixes this. Bob cried.

Bob then tried working at Burger King. People kicked Bob out because they heard about the Rock Monster. Bob tried selling his own clothes, only 1,000 dollars. 49,000 bucks left. Then Bob tried working in super markets, he got 35,000 bucks. Then a baby started taunting Bob. He spit and bit Bob. Bob screamed. Then he got kicked out. 14,000 left.

He then asked Derek to help him, because he kept getting kicked out and hated. Derek did it for him, then they payed the money to get Tyler new legs and a new house. People clapped at Bob and Derek for doing a good deed. Bob is finally relieved.
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