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For one, blogs are regarded as a perk for members who are dedicated and active on the forum as well as an additional reward for donating to the community. The high post count that is needed to be allowed access to the blog system shows that members are frequent and apt posters and such should be given a reward for being such.

If you participated/won any of the PCX events, the host of that event will get you your emblem in due time. The forum was only just closed off today, and as far as I know the hosts still have to get the emblems completed and an Administrator will need to upload said emblems to the system before they can be distributed.

Name changes were done away with a little over two years ago because due to the large amount of members PokeCommunity has (along with how many of them request the changes) the server is put under stress with each one. When a name change is performed, the recorded name that is being replaced has to be written over in every visitor/private message, thread, post, blog post/comment, etc, which puts a heavy load on the server.

As for being a moderator, read this.

If you have any further questions I'll be glad to answer them, or you can look here, if you'd like.
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