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Originally Posted by jerichob10 View Post
I know... the episodes always have such emotional twists that i dont even know what to think sometimes.

Ep 14
I love the way they go to *Heaven* for the last few min of the episode, it really adds to the emotional level and makes you think that it really is going to end and that they did actually die. And i am sure that everyone is asking the question. "what is going to happen now?" Well i am not sure but i do hope that they don't do anything bad to it or change it horribly, i have seen amazing shows turn bad because of some change that nobody expected like this.

EDIT: I noticed that in the trailer for the next part of SAO that it shows a dead SAO player in a casket with their nervgear still on. Which means that the story is most likely continuing with kirito and asuna. I think it would be upseting if they changed the main characters... Kirito and Asuna are my favorite anime characters of all time.
If they take out Kirito and Asuna out of the anime I probably won't watch it anymore if they do that. ;;