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As -Lapras- mentioned, he got Dual Wield for having the best reaction time. The reason this probably isn't a base skill is because Kayaba doesn't want people just rushing to their death because, as per most RPGs, dual wielding usually implies glass cannon.

As for him not just losing the duel, there are probably a couple reasons. First being to keep morale up in the guild. Second to not lose Asuna. Third to gain Kirito. Fourth to maintain the title of "Strongest" so him becoming the final boss mean that much more.

The primary reason was to give Kirito a reason to suspect Heathcliff at the end though. The rest regarding him doing so is mostly my speculation and may or may not be Reki's original intentions.

Cuz it looks good on paper to the higher ups when he releases the game. Extra safety functions means faster release and less complaining.

Main reason was to get Yui in as Kirito and Asuna's "daughter"

You're talking about him coming back to stab Heathcliff I assume. Ya, Power of Love is probably the best way to put it, though Cline probably still has that revival item on him as well, so dunno.

Ya, married = shared inventory. Probably a memento left behind by the system.

I believe the initial reason was to help them escape and make them more survivable as a group, but he probably warmed up to them at some point

Reki's well aware that there are issues with the SAO story, especially regarding inconsistencies between main story and side stories, since they were written after the fact. I believe I've heard that he plans to go back and rewrite the entire SAO section, but I forget where i heard it and don't have any immediate source at the moment.
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