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Originally Posted by DoraDAZ3R3D View Post

Username : DoraDAZ3R3D.
Partner Pokemon : Lucario and Scizor
Answer to current topic:
Who is your favorite Steel type legendary?
I have none (Yeah, I know, I'm a boring player...)
Who is your Least favorite Steel Type legendary?
Heatran, because of its design
Hi, welcome to the club! May I ask why you chose Lucario and Scizor as your partners? :o And you must have a favourite Steel type legendary! It's just the one that you hate less than all the others :D How about Jirachi, do you like that? Or Dialga? You must have a preference! If you only had one space left on your team and you had to choose between Registeel, Steel-Arceus, Jirachi, Heatran, Genesect, Cobalion and Dialga, which would you choose? That'll give you your answer :D As for not liking Heatran's design, I kinda love it myself so it'd be awesome if you explained why you don't like it and maybe you'll be able to show us something we haven't seen before xD
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