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A few weeks ago I saw two episodes of this show, because I was being incredibly lazy and I had the TV on and I was in bed and lets just say it was interesting! I missed the first half of the first episode because, well, I didn't care for it but... the outlandishness of the designs caught my attention. There was this model who looked like an ostrich... but the sort of ostrich that exists only in quarantine zones in mutant chambers in Area 51. I just tried to find out what episode it was and it turns out it was only episode one of the first season, oops. Regardless, I got interested and I came to like the show! It's not as catty as Project Runway, but still, it's entertaining enough.
Now one queen asked me the other day, was it
She told me: "Miss Thing, you think you're fierce?"
I said: "Of course!"
She said: "All queens think they're fierce."
I said: "Miss Thing, all queens and me!"

- Pepper LaBeija (1948 - 2003)
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