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Name: Arthur Sullivan
Age: 16
Background: Arthur was born in New Bark Town to an unassuming architect and nurse. He grew up mostly finding himself reading about Pokemon or watching battles on tv. He was given a young and hyperactive Totodile on his 15th birthday from his uncle who had trained water Pokemon all his life. Arthur traveled with Totodile throughout Johto attempting to collect gym badges and enter the Johto League however after earning several badges Arthur found himself longing for things other than battling. He sent his badges and all of his Pokemon save Totodile, who had at that point evolved into a fierce but loyal Feraligatr, to Professor Elm and began a new journey to become a Pokemon researcher.

Personality: He is very introverted often saying very little unless needed such as when directing his Feraligatr. He is deeply trusting of others however perhaps too trusting and he is an adamantly loyal person in every regard and a strategic battler when needed. He prefers Water Pokemon as every trained in his family has trained the Water type.

Pokemon Type: Water
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