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Quote originally posted by Jerrys123111:
Love this hack DJG! I do have a question :After beating the game for the first time, can you go back and play the other story lines?
For example, if I beat the game on normal mode, can I go back and do the good storyline/mode on that same save?
Nope, that's not possible...

Quote originally posted by Darkwolf6:
i downloaded i have a major glitch that wont allow me to continue. when jimmy is talking to you beforyour third battle woth him the camera panned away from are sprites facing facing each other i battle regularly then he kept talking and left. i saved then i closed my emulator thinking it was an error with the emulator i go back to the game and its the same please help. also i am speeder so i had the space bar pressed which is my fast forward button thanks in advandce
Oh yeah, this again... try to leave the map (preferable try to reach the city), camera should work correctly after you enter some building.
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