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2010, maybe. Due to both a Get Together, uhh, B/W's release period activity and so on!

2011/2012 I made 10000 posts, but I made 4000 in just 3 months in 2010 lmao (August 2010 = 16,000, while November 2010 = 20,000). idk I just have these numbers memorised so they're to go by!!

Actually, if not, then 2006, since I got 10,000 posts between joining in November 2005 and April 2007. Hmmmmm. Actually no 2010 seems more probable tbh.

HOWEVER GUYS. November 2009 I had 14,000, so judging by that 2006 seems more likely. HMMM. 2007/2008 was also pretty active in TCTI which makes up the majority of my posts... idk.

2006 > 2010 > 2007/2008. I guess. I post too much.
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