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Originally Posted by LuuAbsinthz View Post
Is your game finished at 100%? Btw I found a bug, in Fallarbor's Market whenever u take the free firestone another one appear in the same place once u move
This glitch has been fixed in latest version. Re-patch into a clean ROM and play it

Originally Posted by c-hing View Post
Just beat Team Magma in Mossdeep city with Steven.

Steven's Pokemon is so weak against Team Magma.
It's like 2vs1.

And Is it Charmander supposed to be at Route 120?
Because I can't see the Pokeball you showed at the Spoiler.

But other than that the hack is amazing. But until now, the most difficult trainer l I think is Normans'.

This is the team I'm currently work on.
Charmander is hidden inside the grass and is inside a pokeball. For your other question regarding Steven's team. Its been fixed in latest patch
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