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Quote originally posted by ~Andrea:
good job
i love this hack the graphic is awesome
Well, thanks for your comment =D

Quote originally posted by ZeroDaGreat:
Looks very beautiful, can't wait to play it.
Thanks =D

Quote originally posted by Lugia_Da_Boss:
Why does Pikachu's backsprite face the player instead of the opponent?
Wow, good question...
So... Pikachu's backsprite face the player because pikachu (in the beggining a pichu) is like a friend to the player and he look to the player with a happy face.
And with that backsprite i tried to transmit the happiness that pikachu have battling side-a-side with the player. =P

Sorry guys but i had some problems in this later month, so nothing new came out...
Just wait a little more... =(
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