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So I'm wondering if the remakes are for gen 5, we know its not likely for them to add brand new pokemon to remakes but how would you feel if they added new forms? It could work.
Think about gen 5's trio isn't available in game in BW2 you have to get them using the AR searcher , but if you don't have a 3ds you can still trade them over from BW.
Now lets say for the remakes they have something similar to the AR searcher but focuses on the caves the Regis are in. You can still catch pokemon and get items but you will also be able to catch a new form of the Regis and then transfer all 3 them to RS remake and unlock a new Regigias form.
Of course like the gen 5 trio if you don't have a 3ds you can just transfer them from your copy of BW2
As for what kind of form change there could be, we'll look at the gen 5 trio for an example. At first they were Genies now there more animalistic. So the Regis could be more animalistic . Maybe Regirock can be like some dinosaur because of the stoneage , Rigiice can be like a Mamoth or saber tooth tiger because of the ice age and Registeel can be some type of horse . And the new form of Regigias could be like a silver back gorilla .
Now mind you they would keep its same typing
What do you guys think