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Originally Posted by hobusu View Post
Wow. Just wow.
I hate to admit that I had been getting impatient... But I hadn't realized how much you were changing!

Out of curiosity, can all of these patches be used with captnotatroll's (normal) music patch at once? Also, I'm indecisive enough that I need to ask this: Is there a recommended order for applying the patches?

Sorry if I kept you waiting! I actually kind of didn't want to release this until all 251 of the older Pokémon could be caught, but it just felt like the right time.

captnotatroll's patch has nothing to do with the music. It changes all the Pokémon sprites into their Red/Blue iterations. And yes, you can apply his normal patch alongside all of my own. My patches do not have interfering data with his at all, as his custom sprites occur from 0x710000 to somewhere around 0x752000, whereas all my custom data starts after 0x760000. In other words, they play together just fine!

(BTW, his Deluxe patch is not compatible with my Extras patch, as both change trainer data.)

And, with my newest release, you should be able to apply all the patches in any order you choose. If you run into any issues, just tell me and I'll get to fixing it.
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