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I'd be the first to admit that I get all my food, pencils, papers, movies & games from Walmart, as its my ALL-TIME FAVORITE STORE!! Its like the mini-mall, how can anyone hate it? My mom always go to Kmart instead or shops @ Meijer because she works there and all. That's why when I want something, I'd have to get it myself x) I'm like Walmart's #1 customer or its #1 traveler lolol

Clothes however, I go to American Eagle for that stuff. Those are my two most popular places you will see me shop. Heck, I go to Walmart to just walk around in circle or even play the games on display for an hour every night! Love staying out till 2AM in the morning lol

So yeah. Of course I'd love to walk around in the mall (Where American Eagle is anyway), but its a 25 minute drive while I could just walk to Walmart for 25 minutes. I prefer walking or biking a 15 minute ride to Walmart Not to mention you see someone you knew from school & they want to catch up...& the feeling of not wanting to the only thing I pretty much try to avoid these days x)
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