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They wouldn't be remakes if they did drastic changes like that. Remakes are rehashing the same old story with updated info. If remakes are done, we'll get Old Ruby/Sapphire with a few new twists, but nothing deviating from the main plot.

As for New Pokemon, that's highly unlikely. New Pokemon usually come with new games. Form Changes are plausable, but I can't see many Gen 3 Pokemon needing or getting new forms. It would be cool, but the form changes started with Gen 3 so you'd think they'd have already had them if they were supposed to.

I'm wonderin if they'll do a Pokewalker like thing with the remakes though. FR/LG got the first Wireless Trading adapter. HG/Ss got the Pokewalker. Would the R/S remakes get some wireless toy as well?