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Originally Posted by Rothometapratis View Post
In the anime a pokemon could have like 6 moves at least and it gets too boring to have only 4.
To clarify, I'm pretty sure they would only have four, they just didn't show the "move deleting process" so a pokemon would learn a move and then forget a move but you wouldn't see it so it would look like they'd have five moves.

Anyway, I used to be really annoyed how there were only 4 slots, because I wanted to use as many moves as I could/didn't realize HM slaves were possible, but now it seems more fair/more strategic so I'm fine with it. It's fun to make the perfect moveset within the confines of only being able to have four moves.

Although how does a pokemon "forget" a move right on the spot. Do all pokemon trainers have one of these?
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