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Quote originally posted by ~Andrea:
the graphic is awesome good job
Quote originally posted by xiaoqiao143:
OMG!!! I really love this hack waiting for beta to come
Quote originally posted by Pike15:
Really looking forward the download
Quote originally posted by Skarric:
I've been itching for some new games to play; can't wait!
Thanks for all the compliments

Quote originally posted by Pinkish Purple:
Arrgh can't wait for an update!
Yes, I've been meaning to post about the next update.

I have been very busy with life lately, so I haven't had much time to work. To go along with this, my hacking computer's hard drive just failed a few days ago (don't worry, all the hack files are safe) so that's a big problem. I'm trying to get that fixed as soon as I can.

But rest assured that this hack is still progressing. Slowly.