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So I started my game yesterday (Sunday) and it is amazing. I started with Tepig and named him Boare (to be read as Bore-ay), and went on with my quest! I caught a Sunkern on Route 20, but then decided I didn't want it...and then I caught Azurill, again, decided no, and then proceeded to catch ten more Pokemon. All of them a no. After I defeated Roxie in Virbank City, I finally decided to go to the Castelia City park to try and catch a Pokemon, when after much searching, I found a female Skitty with Cute Charm. <3

After much needed training on both Boare and Skitty, I defeated Burgh with no trouble at all. Now, I am in Lostlorn Forest desperate searching for a female Roselia with Natural Cure that ISN'T any nature that makes the Special Attack rise slowler than everything else. It's a lot harder than one would think. ;A;

Current team:

Boare (Pignite) Lv.29
Skitty Lv.20
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