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Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
I heard something about a real-time battle system with button-pressing combos - something to create a more anime-like feel. They had BETTER do that. They also need character development, like a protagonist seeking to find their missing father or something, and another evil team like Plasma - one that goes to ridiculous lengths. I'd also like character customization, or at least better designs than what BW2 gave us.

I don't want any more new Pokemon. I have trouble remembering all of them now because the number has gotten ridiculous. A real-time battle system with Pokemon we know would be a new direction. I don't want to have only new Pokemon and a new region... Pokemon has gotten tired and they need a new direction badly.
+1 pretty much
Also that's what I wrote recently in youtube:
Hey pokemon creators, why don't you make sth different for a change instead of same old games with just new pokemon(by the way most them are lame and shi***-looking compared to the kanto & johto ones mostly)?
How about a more lifelike 3d game with third-person view and an interactive camera system following ash's path pretty much in season 1 for a start. Or you put your a** down and think sth good for the millions of fans that you dissapoint.
I'm tired of this.
Thumbs down if I'm the only one.
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