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Alakazam: Sergeant, this is terrible! Lucario's been taken hostage!
Me: WHAT?! You've forced my hand...Zekrom, I call upon you!
Zekrom: Now, what are your ideals? I am ready to help.
Me: Lucario's been take hostage, and I need you to stop them! Zekrom, I ask for your Bolt Strike!
Zekrom: And that shall happen. But who are these people that I should attack?
Me: Alakazam, can you explain that?
Alakazam: Yes. They're an exploration team headed to the top of this very dungeon.
Me: What? Why didn't you tell me? Because now...I know who to hit! LUCARIO, YOU TRAITOR!!
Zekrom: Lucario's our target now? Well, I shall call upon Reshiram instead. He's a lot better at defeating Steel-types than me.
Me: Then get him here!
Reshiram: Zekrom, what's the issue? I'm sure the truth is that it's because of a fellow's ideals, right?
Zekrom: Exactly. I need your Blue Flare to hit a Lucario that's about to go to the top of this exact dungeon.
Reshiram: Affirmative. You have my word! And that is the truth.
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