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Originally Posted by Conan Edogawa View Post
I like the looks of it, from what I've read. Is the language only C, or is it compatible with C#? And does it have 3D capabilities(the engine more-so than PokeDS itself)?
As far as I know, only C can be used as PaLib itself is written in C. In terms of 3D, DS Game Maker has no front ends for importing,using and manipulating 3D models. PaLib, however, does have some support for 3D but its not something I plan on looking into any time soon.

Originally Posted by venom12 View Post
Oh great you back :D Welcome back, i waiting for more updates.
Thanks! Nice to see that you're still active in the community.

Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
Interesting, buy why should people use this over essentials?
That's a very good question. I don't doubt that RMXP is a great tool for making Pokemon fangames. It really gives you the feel of something homebrew and on a PC, of course you'll be able to build something that can take advantage of a powerful graphics card and CPU.

PokeDS, however, aims to bring fangames to the DS for use by casual gamers. For example, if PokeDS becomes something as fully fledged as Essentials, you only have to pay $15 for the license for DS Game Maker and you're allowed to sell your games. You're even allowed to submit them to publishers. The Pokemon fangame scene is great but ever since I joined way back in 2005 (I'm aware that the community extends past Pokecommunity), I've always felt that the games have been limited to people who know of the existence of the community. There hasn't really been an attempt to capture the same audience that the original Pokemon games was geared to. I wanted to change that. I hope that made some sense, I'm just rambling on from my head...
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