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Yes to all three.

I am thankfully allergic to cigarettes and react funnily every time I'm near a smoker with one. Therefore, I don't want to try anything else like that because I don't want to know.

My doctor said that alcohol beyond one drink would be a bad idea for me. I've tried some drinks, and typically those don't even go over well and I feel like crap in the morning. Therefore, I've decided to abstain from it completely, and to drink soda instead. You don't need booze to be social at a party.

And lastly, I believe you shouldn't have sexual relations with another person until you know that you love them. Promiscuous sex really isn't as satisfying as loving sex; it's not something to "just do" because there are plenty of reasons that could make you regret it later. There's only one person I have in mind...
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