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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
Because when you watch it online for free, they have advertisements with it that pay the network when they're viewed. Downloading it doesn't offer a revenue towards the network.
That makes sense. Always forget about those ads, and I think my AdBlock gets rid of some of them, even. Of course, there's the big issue with the networks' video players not working, partially because it won't let you pause the ad and it takes two minutes to download completely and go through one half-second at a time. That's why I download. It takes a while, but at least I get to keep it and can watch it offline.

Still, I'm not completely against that kind of piracy. I don't see that it should be illegal. Heck, networks can even offer them for download for $1-3. They probably already do, but not in a desirable format or at a desirable site... there's also Hulu.

I need to break out of this habit. I'm trying to! xD

@Algo - download... a car? How?
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