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Charlie Fitzpatrick
Academy Grounds -> Pokémon Center (ER)

Charlie followed the boy, with Jaws walking behind him carrying the injured Aaron. The boy who was leading them to the Pokémon Center spoke about fixing a balloon, which the counselor ignored for the time being. His priority was to get the kid that would be staying at his beach house treated, and make sure that he would recover. Then, once the kid was under a doctor's care, he would go ahead and ask the other two about the problem.

That reminded him, he still hadn't introduced himself to them yet! How rude of him... Anyway, as soon as they found themselves before the red-roofed building that everyone called Pokémon Center, he spoke. "Thank you, kids. I'll take it from here." he said, with Jaws next to him, "Come on, Jaws, let's go inside."

Jaws nodded and walked inside, the door opening for him. However, before going in, Charlie said one more thing to the two students.

"Oh, and by the way, I'd like to have a word with you two after this boy is getting treated, is that okay?"

Then, as he walked inside, he added, "I'm Charlie Fitzpartick, the new counselor here. Feel free to drop by my office later."
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