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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
Eh, I'm not so sure I'd say Sheamus was pushed really quickly, unless you're talking about his push as a heel?

And I love Ryback's character, but like you said, I'm worried he's being pushed to fast. He's brute strength, that might not work well when it comes to a 20 minute match for the world title.

As for Team Hell No, I love everything about them. I've always liked Kane, and I've always loved Bryan Danielson. The teams gonna last a while, for sure. And as for the rebirth of the tag team division, I'll give the WWE a nod of approval. A couple of years late, but hey, better late then never.
Yeah, I was talking about Sheamus' push back in 2009. His whole ECW run he was basically a mid-carder. Once on Raw, within about a month's time, he went from feuding with Jamie Noble to winning the WWE Championship, only about half a year after his TV debut. The monster push seems to have helped him in the long run (he's been the Heavyweight champ since Wrestlemania), but I just can't see it working for Ryback at this point.

I find myself getting bored with Raw lately, though. I think they were over ambitious when they moved to a 3 hour show, and the TV ratings have shown. I just don't feel like sitting there watching it the entire time, which is why I've been DVRing it even when I am home. I find that I can watch Raw in about 75 minutes when skipping through commercials, recaps and squash matches, so it's not like they couldn't fit all of that content back into their two hour slot. I actually hoped that was what Mr. McMahon's State of the WWE address was about last night, but at least it lead to an entertaining brawl between him and Punk.


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