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Running Background Scripts

The following is referring to FireRed, BPRE.

Let me preface this with the fact that I know almost nothing about the game engine, how scripts are executed, and only understand the bare basics of ASM. I wonder, however, how possible it would be to execute scripts; level scripts, in particular; that run in the background without locking events such as the player.

The main purpose for this includes JPAN's engine's button checking specials running in the background which would activate a chain of events whenever you push a specific button/combination of buttons.

One theoretical problem I have thought of is lag: having a script constantly running in the background would surely cause lag, but would it be crippling? If so, are there other more direct ways of having an event occur from a button press in certain situations?

Hopefully this "brief" is enough to get some minds turning. I think this would open up loads of possibilities for minigamems, different types of gameplay, etc. I look forward to your ideas!
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