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Originally Posted by Counterfeit View Post
Do you not hear how grinchy you sound? The way you've worded it also makes it sound like that, at some point, Mork said they were too mature for Halloween. They didn't, only you have said that! :[
Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
People who think they're too "mature" for certain actions lack maturity. >:( It's like people that are insecure in their masculinity not being able to handle being feminine in any way - the only people that have to point out that people are too old for things always seem very insecure in their maturity.

See: 3 year olds that get obsessed with getting rid of anything that's "for babies", 12 year olds that reject anything that isn't bloody because they're "mature" now, etc.
So, because I find it immature, I lack maturity? Makes sense.

I just don't see the point, as Will said, going round asking for stuff. That is just me, I am not condemning the 'holiday', just conveying my opinion on it.