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This is an impressive project - I've already heard a couple more pieces from the composers' YouTube channels, and I eagerly anticipate another sneak peek into this game.

Anyway, since Ho-Oh is the primary legendary in the main story gameplay (or so I've gathered), does this mean Lugia will play a role too? I ask this not only because of the Ho-Oh/Lugia duality in G/S/C, but because the Azure Flute (azure means blue, by the way - it isn't a noun) is lost at the bottom of the deepest lake - and is irretrievable unless someone could successfully dive for it...and Lugia is the Diving Pokemon, and would act as a guardian of Hawthorne's seas as Ho-Oh returns to protecting the skies. Those are my thoughts, anyway - if this project could use some plot refinement (or spell-checking), I'd be happy to assist.

Good luck creating a working game, and I wish you more good luck on the DS release.