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I started on Sunday and chose a snivy (Timid nature, very lucky!) I named him Cadel. I went on with my journey, etc, etc, where I searched for hours for a Riolu. Finally, I found one, and his name is Raok.

I beat Cheren, then went to Virbank and tried to take out Roxie; but her Whirlepede was too strong. So I went and caught a growlithe. Her name is Dash, with a Naughty nature. She took that Whirlepede out, no problem. Same thing happened with Burgh's gym; Dash was the star player.

On my way to Nimbasa, Raok evolved at only Lv. 21. I was really suprised. I did some grinding and took Elesa out with Raok's return. I went to Driftveil and got N's Zorua (and I had a total fangirl attack since I love N) and tried to train it, but gave up after a bit and boxed it. (I promised to come back for it, though.) I was having a bit of trouble beating Clay with only three pokemon, so I went out searching for a new partner.

I found a Marill which I named Jordan. I'm working on training him now, so I'll hopefully be able to beat Clay with him and Cadel. Yay!