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Joint Post - Raike & Mammon

Just before Raike could step into the tube, a red mist mist slipped out from underneath the door, and morphed into the Demon of Manifestation. Her long red hair was down for once, and spilled across her shoulders in perfect curls. Her dress, seeming to be freshly painted in blood, cast down onto the floor in strands of ribbon.

"Hey Raike..." What were you supposed to say to someone who might die in the arena above them?

He met her appearance with a death defying grin, seeming completely oblivious to the arena above him. He stayed on the wall watching her with crossed arms. His eyes scanned her person, noting the new dress that decorated the floor.

"Hey Mammy, I see you followed my advice on that dress of yours..."

-He paused, unsure of what to say next, he was about to be thrown into the deadly arena, so there wasn't much to say to her. They wouldn't likely be able to talk much in the arena openly without being spotted seeing as the cameras would be on everyone from the moment that tube went topside.

"If you have anything to say to me, now would be the time."

"That's what I kinda figured... I can't be seen with you. Only Bern." She frowned, and leaned against the opposite wall. "Which... Sucks..." She sighed, and looked at the tube. She couldn't help him outwardly if he got into trouble. It was a horrible thought, but Raike didn't want anyone to know about their contract.

"Just... Don't do anything rash, please. I know you want to fight Ryuu, but don't do it right at the start... Because even if you do win, you'll be exhausted and wounded. And..."

"What's this? I sense concern for my well being coming from you. But yes, for the good of the both of us, it would be best if you were not seen with me, no matter what. Of course we will still talk mentally but you know the strain it puts on my concentration.

He walked over to her casually, keeping his unwavering grin present on his face. Uncrossing his arms, he reached out and flicked her forehead.

"Dont talk about bad things unless you want to jinx me, and having a contract with Bern and being a demon yourself you know how deadly those can be."

Withdrawing from the pluck he patter he head reassuringly.

"Don't worry about me Mammon, of all people you should know what I can endure."

He began backing towards the tube slowly.

Mammon flinched when her forehead was flicked, and a frown lowered onto her lips.

"I don't believe in jinxes. That's just silly..." Her eyes wavered when he began leaving. What if she did jinx him? What if he did die? An imaginary stone pressed harshly into her ribcage.


Mammon moved forward quickly, and grabbed the sleeve of his jacket. She stared at his face, unwavering. "...If you can't handle something, ask for my help. Don't think you can handle everything these Gods throw at you. Ryuu isn't the only thing that may threaten your life. If you need power, I'll give it to you. If you need something, I will manifest it."

"And if you need reassurance I won't die, then ready my lips. I won't die. There, I want that on replay in your mind."

He reversed the hold that she had on his sleeve and pulled her closer to him for a hug. After a few seconds, he released her and held her at arms length with a genuine smile labling his face. Taking one hand off of her, he held it open; a few seconds later a small "M" shaped piece of metal materialized and fell into his hand. Holding it he brought up her hand and placed it inside her own, folding it closed afterwards.

"This is my token, and I'm entrusting you to keep it safe, you hear? Its not like you won't be there with me anyway, so I'm sure you'll do what you think is right when the time comes, no matter how much it may piss me off."

After doing this he resumed walking back towards the tube and entered it, but not yet closing it.

"Anything else Mammy?"

Mammon inhaled sharply when she was pulled all so suddenly into Raike. A hug... The demon slowly hugged him back. She liked Raike... Far more than any of her other Contractors. And that was such a bad move on her part, because he had a one in twenty-four chance of dying in the arena above them. Then what? Even if he somehow made it to Hell, he wouldn't be the same. He would just be a lingering human soul...

Mammon's heart sank slightly when the hug ended, but she couldn't help but smile back at Raike. Jeez. Why was he the one comforting her? Shouldn't she be the one being optimistic about his survival? He was the one in danger, after all.

".....?" Mammon watched as he manifested the metal token of her initial, and bit her lip when it was placed inside her hand. It was nice to see that their training had paid off, and he could manifest things such as this... He was better with his fire magic, too. That brought a bit more relief to the demon, and she nodded slowly.

"Yeah. You can count on that, Raike." She looked down at the metal piece momentarily. When she looked back up, Raike was in the tube. Another pang went through her chest.

"Anything else, Mammy?" He had asked. It made her smile just a little bit more.

"Go kill Ryuu." She grinned.

With those final three words, the tube automatically slid shut; cutting off their verbal communication.
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