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Originally Posted by Live in Color View Post
One last question, I obtained two Chatot and am using them to advance the frame, but I don't seem to be getting it right. In RNG Reporter it says my Frame is 1 and my Shiny Frame is 484. So the number of advancements I would need to do is 483 correct? I tried both 484 and 483 and neither of the times were successful.
Not quite. The Frame 1 is referring to the IVs. You will have to do way less than 483 chatters.

Your PID (shiny) Frame will be somewhere between 38 and 60. If there are wandering trainers on the route, even if off screen, the PID will advance randomly.

You need to first use the program's Calculate Initial PID button to get this 38-60 number. In one example, my starting frame was given as 43.

Then, you need to figure out the shifted frame (this pid frame may have been shifted because of wandering trainers). Just do some test runs (ie don't do hundreds of chatters each time). Just do a run where you do 0 chatters immediately, and on the next run do 1 chatter, maybe a 2 chatter run, etc, and find the pattern of natures on the generated table. Assuming you hit your seed, you'll find the pattern and determine the shifted starting frame.

What Pokemon are you abusing? Gifts still? I'm rusty, but I hope this helps.

General Summary of Information
— Initial Frame for PID
— The PID, or Personality Value, is responsible for a Pokémon's nature, ability, shiny color, and so on. Click for more details.
This will vary between 38 to 60 from seed to seed. Always use RNG Reporter to calculate the Initial PID Frame for you.