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As they stopped to rest, Tetsu quickly went about helping the group set up camp, using his teleportation ability to zip to the tops of trees and break off the thinner branches for firewood. Exhausting himself from the constant teleportation, he eventually decided to settle down and preform one last teleportation to the top of a thick, sturdy tree. Leaning himself against the branches, he pulled out his journal and once again began to flip through the pages, studying the book carefully. After a while, he came across the pages on Plusle and Minum, thinking back to Spark and her condition.

After moments of consideration, he closed the book and jumped back down from the tree, heading off into Spark's direction after looking over at Aria, ensuring she was asleep. Tapping the girl on the shoulder, he then opened the book once again and turned to the pages he had been viewing before, showing them to spark. "Hey, look at these!", he whispered excitedly, hoping that this would only be enough to help her remember her pokespirits, and not set her off.
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