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You have a fair point about my nostalgia glasses, at least when it comes to Pokemon designs. That might just be it, even though some of Gen V's stink. But the idea of a living trash bag is just... no. No way.

And hmm... maybe Casteliacones ARE based upon the Vanillish line...

Yeah, that's obvious

And I happen to like Ditto. It's a very inventive Pokemon given how it can be a copycat. Magikarp was made to be pathetic. Those two are the most defendable of the ones you listed.

As for the plot... D/P didn't impress me at all. I never felt that anything was at stake there. And nobody had like any personality. It was just like everyone was... there. Rowan is the worst of the professors, and the gym leaders were all devoid of personality, except for Fantina, Candice, and Volkner. That seemed to be a step down from Gen III, really. In a lot of ways.

I will keep my opinions, most likely. Nostalgia may be a huge factor in them, but I just don't like some of the designs. They just don't appeal to me. Not that I'm saying all to me. I guess that might just be me.

I also can't decide between numbers and Roman numerals, it seems xD
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