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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
A public Catholic school? That's a thing? Here in the US all public schools are secular and some private schools are religious. o_o;
Yup. We have a public school system and a publicly-funded Catholic school system. They're known as separate schools.

Curriculum is the same except that in the Catholic schools you have mass associated with Christmas and Easter, there is a religion class (basically, you read Chicken Soup for the Soul-type material and write about how God loves you), your sacraments (Communion and Confirmation) is incorporated into the religion class at the appropriate grade and you accept them as a class.

Religion class in high school gets expanded to dedicated philosophy (I don't remember Catholicism being involved there at all) and world religion (you get to learn about other religions) classes.

We have the same science class as the actual public school. Big bang. Evolution. Whatever. All okay.

You also don't have to be Catholic to go to a Catholic school.

We're also facing some "controversial" issues like allowing Muslims to leave class to pray or use school facilities after school, or having "gay clubs".

Further, the Church does not really have a say in the education at the school.

Where this all stems from is Canada's French-English heritage. Some areas have public Catholic (appeases the French) schools and other areas have public Protestant (appeases the English) schools. Supposedly to accommodate whatever the minority faith between the two were in that area at the time. Catholic is the majority now nearly everywhere between the two and there are very few Protestant schools.
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