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Quote originally posted by Bonespectre:
You know where is the place i can find him for the 1st time??

In a city with a gym,that's all I can tell you,you'd better find it out by youself.

Quote originally posted by blazerj13:
sorry, no spoilers~ ill be doing a walkthrough of this game though in due time so thats something to look foward to. although i really dont like the pokemon you find in the routes, i might go in and add one or two likable pokemon into those routes in the beginning(mostly my gotta-have absol, cant do ANY walkthrough without it, im a dark type trainer) when i start the walkthrough then ill post the link here.

Thanks,but I must tell you,there's some wild Absol exist already...I make them rare because they're too powerful to be as normal wild Pokemon,especially when it was put in the beginning roads.If you really like Absol,you can try to find some on Cloud Meadow(The part which will only be avaliable after the event on Mt.Skywall) and Central Area.

Quote originally posted by kskk:
pokedex bug

Thanks,I've already find this,but I'm still thinking whether I should fix it...

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