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Name: Christopher Everman
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Chris stands at 5' 3" with a lean body type. Dark brown medium-length hair which is kept spiked, green eyes, usually hidden behind a dark pair of sunglasses. His skin is a little tanned from being outside and he always makes sure that he's clean-shaven. He wears a white sleeveless shirt, blue jeans, and black hiking boots. If encountering cold weather, he has a leather jacket/hoodie. He carries all his items in a gray backpack, which he normally has hung on one shoulder. Finally, he wears a pair of black fingerless gloves that help him keep better hold of whatever he has in his hands, especially if he has to lift something.

Personality: He is loyal to his friends and teammates, sometimes willing to take a bullet for them. When put into a group, he sometimes feels pressure to be a pseudo-leader. Though he doesn't feel comfortable telling others what to do, he will if nescessary. He tries to watch what he says so that others will not be offended, which is why sometimes he won't say a word. He does seem somewhat distatched from the chaos that surrounds him, but he feels it nescessary to help him make decisions. However, if he sees someone in trouble, he wouldn't hesitate to come to their aid, whether needed or not. He may seem a little naive about battling, but he doesn't want to ask questions too much. He hates admitting his faults. He also feels a tremendous amount of pressure to perform well in pokemon battles due to his hometown history.

Background: When people hear the name Pallet Town, they think mainly of Professor Oak, whose pokemon expertise is known the world over. Many think it was Oak's teachings to a little boy that helped cause the fall of Team Rocket so long ago. No wonder so many people think that Pallet is the home of future pokemon champions and gym leaders. Unfortunately, Chris felt the brunt of that pressure since he was young. Though his parents worked with him night and day, Chris himself felt no real improvement. Scared that he won't live up to the potential that was thrust upon him, Chris would often retreat by himself. That was, until that fateful day that he was chosen by Professor Oak himself. He was surprised when Oak allowed him to have a pokemon of his own, feeling he "earned the responsibility". As Chris took the pokeball from Oak's hand, a new feeling rushed over him. He was no longer scared of being good enough. He was ready to prove himself worthy of having a pokemon. He would fight and do the best he could, ready to uphold Pallet's glorious reputation.

Professor: Oak
Starter: Bulbasaur
(I hope this is long enough. I'm not sure what else to say.)
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