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Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right topic to ask about this. I'm playing a community made game called Pokemon Raptor EX. It has all pokemon from first 4 gens. I'm looking to build an all around team with regards to weaknesses and resistances etc. I don't know every pokemon of first four generations. To make it clear, I want a team who can deal with every type. Is this possible?

In previous official pokemon rpg games, I used to catch and train pokemon depending on the type of next gym's leader's pokemons. That would mean a lot of grinding most of the time and it bores me. I want to start training a team that would last till the end of the game (all pokemon till gen 5 are included, gen 5 is not). I don't have to catch them all before any gym. I can make it on the way as I go. I just don't want to change the pokemon much in my team because that means a lot of grinding as I stated earlier.

I'd be grateful if anyone helps.

My current team is:
prinplup (my starter)
abra (currently grinding at level 15)

All my pokemon are about level 20. I have pidgeotto, vigoroth, celebi in storage. I think that's all. I don't want to include celebi. I don't want to make the game easier and blow all the fun out of it.